Nathan Shatsoff Relentless Founder and Ellen Matloff, Yale Research Scientist.

RELENTLESS Against Cancer is a non-profit organization committed to raising funds that support research for the development of treatments that ultimately will eradicate all cancers.

“We must be RELENTLESS in our will to live, our faith that we will overcome, and our hope that no one will ever have to endure cancer treatment again.”


  • Improving existing cancer treatment methods for all types of cancer
  • Developing new treatments for individuals with conditions that are being maintained, but not cured
  • Developing new or improved genetic testing techniques leading to detect detection of cancer
  • Improving the quality of life for all cancer patients
  • Developing new or improved genetic testing techniques leading to early detection of cancers

A Message from Our President
Picture of Ben Shatsoff, President of RELENTLESS

In March of 2009 my brother, Nate, was diagnosed with a severe case of colon cancer at the age of twenty-one. When many would have lost hope, he did not let the disease change him. Even though he had his own battle to fight by undergoing chemotherapy treatments regularly, he continued to be selfless and wanted to do his part in the universal fight against cancer. Never one to put himself first in any situation, it was no surprise that Nate wanted to help others by forming RELENTLESS Against Cancer, Inc.

In my time around him during his battle, it was easy to see the amazing advancements in cancer treatment in the two and a half years since Nate’s own cancer was found. But there is still more to be done. Nate’s goal was for no other person to have to hear that they have cancer. Although the terrible disease has taken Nate’s life, it will never take his legacy. He has taught us that cancer is relentless, and the fight against it has to be relentless as well. Cancer affects far too many patients, families, and friends. We will continue our promotion of early detection and raising funds for research until that day when we are no longer needed. I believe that day will come, and with your support, the sooner it will be.

I would like to thank those who have supported our organization and continue to assist in the fight. RELENTLESS Against Cancer, Inc. will grow thanks to the foundation that Nate laid for us. No donation is too small. I was lucky to have been able to see my brother’s smile for a few extra years thanks to the advancements in treatments. It is my turn to pay this forward.

Stay RELENTLESS in the fight,
Ben Shatsoff, President of RELENTLESS Against Cancer

To read Nate’s blog that he wrote as he tried to overcome cancer, CLICK HERE.

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